Decoration Price Guide







A process where, under high pressure, a machine presses a “die” into a defined surface of the material to create a bold imprint. This process makes a powerful statement of understated elegance.

Hot Stamping


A process where either gold or silver paper foil is stamped with a thermal metal “die”, imprinting the image on the product.

Silk Screen


A process where a micro-fine screen is created for ink to be pressed through to imprint an image on the product. Screens can be created to handle multicolored applications.



Make any decoration a memorable one. Personalization gives your special employees or customers the recognition they deserve.



Colors and designs are digitally transferred to produce the image in the stitch types and threads needed to embroider a logo on the product.

Laser Engraving


A high powered laser meticulously engraves onto a metal surface, creating a fine, stand-out logo in either polished chrome, matte silver, or matte brass (can be optionally oxidized for a black finish) depending on the product.